Theresa May makes ‘position clear’ to Netanyahu on settlements

Theresa May makes ‘position clear’ to Netanyahu on settlements

The UK Prime Minister stressed her long-opposed position of opposition to Israeli settlement building

Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May raised concerns with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the country’s decision to build thousands of new settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Mrs May said she made the Government’s “position clear” when the two leaders met at Number 10 on Monday for talks.

Britain has long opposed the policy of settlement building on occupied Palestinian land, believing it to be a barrier to peace.

But the British Government appeared to soften its stance on the issue late last year when Mrs May’s spokesman distanced the PM from then-US President Barack Obama’s hardline stance on Israel.

Mrs May was asked by Jeremy Corbyn about the talks as she appeared in the Commons to deliver a statement on an EU summit last week in Malta.

He said: “Earlier today, the Prime Minister had a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Did you make it clear to him, as this House has often spoken of and you have yourself, that there is continued opposition by the British Government to the illegal settlements being built in occupied Palestinian territories?”

Mrs May replied: “You referred to the meeting I had earlier today with Prime Minister Netanyahu. I have to say this was not a subject for discussion at the European Union Council last week.

“However, I have made the UK Government’s position clear on settlements and I continue to do that today.”

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