‘Theresa May made matzo meal of Brexit,’ MEP says

‘Theresa May made matzo meal of Brexit,’ MEP says

Lance Forman spoke to Jewish News after he was elected one of eight London MEPs at the weekend

Smoked salmon business owner Lance Forman has said that Prime Minister Theresa May made “matzo meal” out of Brexit.

One of the two Brexit Party MEPs for London elected at the weekend, Forman spoke to Jewish News on Tuesday morning.

“I was expecting that I would get the position,” Forman said. “I thought that London would get would get two Brexit Party MEPs so I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t got it.”

“[My family] were delighted for me. What all of them and friends said was they felt very proud of me for putting my head above the parapet,” he added

Forman said he would campaign in favour of Brexit at home and vote against legislation proposed by the European commission in Brussels.

“I think what the Brexit Party has done is they already made a significant impact on British parties […] First of all the Prime Minister resigned.

“Secondly, many of the candidates standing are now saying they will put no deal back on the table.

“Theresa May has made a matzo meal of Brexit. She has made a complete mess of it.”

Forman also expressed concern about the rise of extremist parties in Europe and suggested that the Jewish community had much to gain from Brexit.

“I just want to let the Jewish community know that the Brexit Party is nothing to be afraid of. We should welcome it,” Forman said.

“Liberal democracies and thriving economies have always been good for the Jewish community.

“That’s why I’m so concerned about what’s going on Europe at the moment. I want to see Europe to have a thriving economy.”

Brexit Party candidates Simon Marcus and Graham Shore and Change UK’s Karen Newman, who were interviewed this month, did not win seats.

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