The 2014 Student Awards are coming – get your votes in

The 2014 Student Awards are coming – get your votes in

UJS President Joe Tarsh is already excited for the upcoming Student Awards and tells us what we can look forward to in March, and why you should be voting right now…[divider]

Last year’s Student Awards saw Imperial crowned J-Soc of the Year and Reading take home the award for Developing J-Soc of the Year, but what has been going on campus since then?

It’s been a great year for Jewish students, but who will take home the awards?

On 30th March, The 6th Annual UJS Student Awards will be celebrating everything students have done in the past 12 months.

There is less than a week left to nominate who you want to win, so here is a reminder of just a few of the things which have happened over the last year!

If you would like to nominate someone please do so HERE by Wednesday 19th February. Remember, for the first time ever, students will then be joining the panel which will decide on the winner!

[divider]Some incredibly memorable things have happened over the last year including… [divider]

  • The UJS Liberation Networks were launched and it was voted in at UJS Conference to add Dedication to Liberation Networks Award. [divider]
  • Beca joined our team strengthening our core value of Israel Engagement – she has since taken a number of students on a trip to Israel. Some of those students are now organizing Israeli chocolate tasting events, art projects inspired by their relationships with Israel, exchanges with an Israeli University and fundraising for Israeli charities.  Perhaps one of these initiatives will win the Alan Webber Israel Engagement Award, in partnership with UJIA. [divider]
  • Greenwich, London Met, Essex, Courtauld, Stirling, Belfast and University of Law J-Socs have all joined the ranks of Developing J-Socs and Aberdeen J-Soc has been re-established too! [divider]
  • Abigail Kay spearheaded UJS Blood Drive, J-Socs all across the UK took part in Mitzvah Day this year and dozens of students across the UK joined in with SACH Give Your Heart Out fundraising campaign. What will win the Social Action Project of the Year Award? [divider]
  •  Students from all over the South Coast travelled to Brighton for a Shabbaton, Birmingham and UCL went on a ski trip to France, Imperial made it all the way to Gibraltar and Leeds will also be hosting a regional event next week too!  Other great events included a Friday Night Dinner in Bristol with special guests the Lord Mayor of Bristol, his deputy and the Communities Minister Stephen Williams and a Chanukah lighting attracting over 150 people in Leeds including SU and University officials. Who do you think should win the much coveted Oliver Sweeney Event of the Year Award? [divider]
  • Two Ethiopian Jewish students came all the way from Israel and took part in J.E.W (Jewish Experience Week). Students also set up stalls in their Student Unions dedicated to educating their peers about Judaism and Jewish culture. In the same term, Sheffield J-Soc managed to attract an incredible 370 people to hear Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper speak.  Which inspiring event is deserving of the CST Campaign of the Year Award? [divider]
  • The end of 2013 saw the exciting launch of the UJS sponsored Student Section on the Jewish News website. Articles have been written on a range of subjects ranging from exploring why Orthodox students are less likely to leave home to study to what it means to have a ‘Jewish nose’. Will one of the Student Staff-writers win the Communication of the Year Award? [divider]
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Voting closes on Wednesday 19th February, so what are you waiting for?


For more information on the awards visit UJS’s awards category breakdown or jump straight to nominating your favourites.

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