The simcha superhero!

The simcha superhero!

As the man who made Wonder Woman’s wedding, Danny Marx is one of Israel’s top event producers for a reason

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

To truly understand why you need Danny Marx to create your event in Israel, you need to see him in action. Fortunately no plane ticket is required as there are short movies online that capture every stage of production from building  platforms, awnings and chupahs to arranging flowers,food and music.

That Marx’s team in action bears a striking similarity to a film set crew is no coincidence, as he is a graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem and brings a cinematic eye and limitless imagination to the job.

Jerusalem-born to a family who left Germany just before WWII, Danny owned a successful photography company before venturing into event production.

With his notable attributes – punctuality,integrity and precision – he quickly got a reputation in a competitive field and is currently ranked amongst the top producers in Israel.

It’s no surprise that his talent and dramatic taste appealed to Wonder Woman herself who chose Danny to produce her wedding in 2007.

Though Gal Gadot was not yet a superhero, she was a rising star in Israel and needed security not to interfere with her big day.

To deliver spectacular with discretion was not a problem for Danny Marx who offers a personal hands-on approach to every client and the top service providers in Israel (as well as from overseas if required).

As a result with him you have access to the best catering companies, designers, florists, lighting, bands…and the list goes on.

Mistakes don’t happen on Danny’s watch.“Clients from overseas are initially apprehensive, which is understandable as they are effectively working with a stranger,” says Danny.

“But after the wedding or barmitzvah, they thank their lucky stars for choosing us.”

Danny Marx’s strongest suit amongst many is producing upscale events within a reasonable budget.

“We charge a fixed fee that is paid directly to us and handle all the accompanying sub-events such as beach parties, dinner parties and touring expeditions with meaningful content.”

Weddings and other simcha related events for clients who come from the UK, Europe, Russia, South Africa and Australia, comprises over 60% of the company’s overall private client base. Danny has also made a big impression locally and wowed guests at events for the Israel Museum, Weizmann Insitute and the Hebrew University.

Danny likes to see visitors making the most of their visit to Israel, so if can organise a day in the desert followed by an exquisite dinner party in a secret location as part of the getaway – so much the better.

Ask him why one should host a simcha in Israel and he gives the religious reason and the weather, but nails it with: “Whether an event is held at an outdoor seaside venue or by the old city of Jerusalem it is unparalleled. The intensity of Israel’s vibes resonates through and leaves an impact impossible to replicate in any other place.”

Among Danny Marx’s many testimonials, one stands out:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the perfect production of Gal and Yaron’s wedding. The implementation was flawless, and precise, down to the minutest details. You demonstrated personal involvement and considerable caring, beyond the bounds of duty…” Michael and Irit Gadot

An endorsement from Wonder Woman’s parents is as good as it gets.

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