‘Thank you Scarlett’ campaign for star from US Jewish group

‘Thank you Scarlett’ campaign for star from US Jewish group

An American pro-Israel group has launched a ‘thank you’ campaign dedicated to Scarlett Johansson, whose advertisement for an Israeli drinks manufacturer last week drew international criticism.

The Israel Project’s initiative comes in response to Oxfam after the charity chastised the Jewish actress for her promotion of SodaStream, which operates from a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

Their ‘Thank You Scarlett’ campaign included a website message saying: “Thank you for standing up for Israel, for peace, and for the truth.

“You told the anti-Israel bullies they were wrong. Your courage in the face of anti-Israel hate is inspiring.”

Oxfam opposes trade with Israeli settlements the A-list star ended her commitment as global ambassador after the group.

The TIP campaign is part of a wider retaliation against the criticism, sparked by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Far from keeping a low profile, SodaStream’s chief executive Daniel Birnbaum said the company was being ‘demonised’ by activists. The factory is the largest private company employing Palestinian workers in the West Bank, all of whom – he says – receive the same pay as their Israeli colleagues.

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