Tesco ‘sorry for any upset’ after ham dumped on kosher shelf

Tesco ‘sorry for any upset’ after ham dumped on kosher shelf

Retail giant said the incident 'should not have happened' and they will 'check the kosher section regularly' to ensure it will not occur again

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

Tesco has apologised after ham was dumped on a kosher shelf in its Barkingside store.

The retail giant said it “immediately removed” the pork products, some of which were “ripped open”, after it was brought to the attention of its staff.

On Twitter, a user by the name of Katsy (@estikat) posted a picture showing the non-kosher items next to kosher salt beef and wurst, pickled cucumbers and potato latkes.

Raising the issue on Monday afternoon, she wrote on social media: “So someone in my local @Tesco saw fit to dump a load of ham in the kosher section. Some of it ripped open. Reported to staff who said they would deal with it swiftly. Hoping they did, and the person responsible gets bad karma.”

A Tesco spokesperson told Jewish News: “We’re sorry for any upset this has caused. We immediately removed these products from the kosher section. Although this appears to have been an accident in a busy store, it should not have happened and we will check the kosher section regularly to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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