Telegraph pulls piece by MEP who once demanded ‘final solution’ for refugees

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Telegraph pulls piece by MEP who once demanded ‘final solution’ for refugees

National removes Brexit column by far-right Estonian MEP after intervention by Jewish News

The Telegraph has deleted a Brexit piece by an Estonian MEP who once demanded a “final solution” for refugees and appeared to praise Nazi economics.

The article was removed after Jewish News reached out, it is understood. It was a longer version of a two-minute speech given by Jaak Madison in the European Parliament.

Madison’s piece, headlined “By keeping the UK hostage, the EU elite is becoming the architect of its own downfall”, was originally published yesterday in the newspaper’s subscription-based Premium section which sits behind a paywall.

“The decision of the UK voters to leave the European Union is binding and those in power have a legal duty to give effect to the results of the referendum,” the piece stated.

Madison, who is a member of Estonia’s Conservative People’s Party, previously attracted controversy over comments relating to the Holocaust.

According to the Telegraph’s own reporting last month, the MEP faced criticism after demanding a “final solution” for migrants who break the law in Europe in a since-deleted Facebook post referring to reports a Syrian refugee had attacked a man with a sword in Stuttgart.

But Madison denied links to Nazi ideology, telling JN: “‘The ‘final solution’ would be to stop uncontrolled immigration, return illegal immigrants, assist refugees in refugee camps and in their home countries.

“If anyone sees an arbitrary link to a regime in the provision of solutions to the migration crisis, there is nothing I can do about it. This is simply an arbitrary interpretation.”

Previously, a 2015 blog-post appearing to praise Nazi economics also drew concern. “It is true that there were concentration camps, forced labour camps, games with gas chambers were being played, but at the same time such a ‘strict’ order brought Germany at the time out of a thorough s***hole,” he wrote.

Madison addressed criticism about the blog, saying: “The blog post you are talking about was in 2012, when I was a 20-year-old student and due to my non-existent political activities, I used the word game freely.

“I have always highlighted in the posts the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, including the Nazi regime in Germany.”

Madison added: “This speech was 100 percent respectful and supportive of the British people’s decision. Why they deleted it, I don’t know. The reason may be a very misconception about my person, but the political message and content should be more important than the anti-personal attitude of someone. So I would love to hear why they made that decision.”

In a statement, Dave Rich, director of policy at the Community Security Trust, said: “This was obviously an unsuitable choice of columnist for the Telegraph and we are the pleased the article has been taken down.”

The Telegraph have been contacted for comment.

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