Two dead in Tel Aviv crane collapse

Two dead in Tel Aviv crane collapse

A number of floors of a building in have been flattened by a giant construction crane, with dozens thought to be injured

An aerial view of scene from a police helicopter
An aerial view of scene from a police helicopter

A giant construction crane collapsed on a four-storey underground car-park in Tel Aviv on Monday morning, injuring dozens of people, some seriously.

Two people have been killed in a Tel Aviv building collapse, as rescue teams, firefighters and IDF reservists rushed to the scene amid billowing clouds of dust and debris.

There were reports of several missing people, potentially trapped under the rubble in the city’s Ramat Hachayal district.

Emergency service Magen David Adom said it was treating 18 people, some of whom had called from within the collapsed building, but in the immediate aftermath of the accident up to half a dozen were thought to be missing. One man was described as being in a serious condition.

A police spokesman said: “Several floors of the building collapsed. There’s a danger of additional collapse of both the building and the surrounding area because of the pit that was created by the collapse.”

Yoram Levy, a spokesman for the Firefighting and Rescue Commission, said: “There are people who are buried under the sand. We’ve called on every possible team.

Specialist search-and-rescue teams have been using advanced equipment to locate survivors at the site, where began in 2014. It was scheduled to be finished next year.

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