Tech that! This month: OnePlus Nord – ✡✡✡✡

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Tech that! This month: OnePlus Nord – ✡✡✡✡

This high quality device comes without a hefty price. Daniel Elias reviews a phone which offers good value for money!

After making premium flagship phones for a few years, OnePlus is returning to its roots by creating a high quality device without charging a hefty price.

I really enjoyed using this phone; the Nord offers good value for money and even though the average punter may not have heard of OnePlus, the company is definitely worth checking out!


Plus points

• Great build quality for the price

• The phone is 5G compatible, making it futureproof

• The screen is bright and has a high refresh rate, meaning animations look smooth and responsive

• The main camera lens takes great pictures in daylight and at night using Nighscape Mode

• Oxygen OS (OnePlus’s flavour of Android) is by far one of the best to use and provides regular software updates, improving the phones capability over a long period

Nil points

• No wireless charging

• There was an anomaly whereby phone reception was unavailable indoors, but a software update appears to have fixed it

• Macro camera lens was awful quality and should not be included in the next version 

To buy or not buy? We give it: 4 stars 

OnePlus Nord phone is available from:, John Lewis, Amazon, RRP From £379

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