Tech That – Noerden LIZ smart water bottle – ✡✡✡✡

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Tech That – Noerden LIZ smart water bottle – ✡✡✡✡

In the latest tech review, Daniel Elias gets to grips with a bottle that kills 99.9% of the bacteria inside - and he's very impressed!

Fellow germaphobes will love this water bottle that kills 99.9% of bacteria.

The Noerden LIZ is a smart bottle. I use the term ‘smart’ advisedly as it’s not smart in the sense that it connects to the internet or requires an app. Nope, it’s smart in its simplicity and unobtrusive and clever features.


As reusable water bottles become more in vogue so do their looks, and the LIZ does not disappoint. It comes in five different colours and has a sleek metal design with a touch sensitive lid.


The lid is where the magic happens. Touch it twice to start the UV sterilisation process, touch it once to see what temperature the liquid is inside.

The bottle detects when you’re opening the lid each time so it knows how often you take a drink. The lid will pulsate every two hours if it detects you’ve been neglecting your water intake. This is great for people like me who have their water bottle on their desk but get too engrossed in work.


Charging the bottle is easy too. It comes with a magnetic USB cable which clips onto the lid. Each charge can last for around a month but so far I haven’t needed to charge it more often.

The Noerden LIZ comes in two sizes: 350ml for £55 and 480ml for £65

It can be purchased from or Amazon.

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