Tech that! Netgear Orbi review – ✡✡✡✡✡

Tech that! Netgear Orbi review – ✡✡✡✡✡

Daniel Elias look at a solution for those wanting to improve their WiFi coverage at home!

If your home is larger than a couple of bedrooms you may well be suffering from poor WiFi coverage, sluggish speeds and bothersome blackspots. You may have tried to move rooms, fiddle with the settings on your modem or sit on the phone with tech support for hours.

The likely culprit is the router your Internet Service Provider (ISP) supplies, which will be the most basic bog-standard box they can give you. You can fix this with a bit of investment.

I’ve been playing around with the Netgear Orbi and have been blown away by how well it performs.


The Orbi is what’s called a ‘Mesh WiFi’ system consisting of a router and satellite device. You’ll need more than one if you live in a large property.

Set up is easy with the Orbi app available on iOS and Android. You can also set up via your web browser on your computer. Just connect the router up to your modem and place the satellite between the middle or back of your home. Once done your home should be blanketed in sweet glorious WiFi.


Unlike other routers Orbi gives coverage in pretty much all areas of your home and a consistent speed. It’s like you’re standing next to your router. It’s pretty much set and forget, so streaming your favourite Netflix show, gaming on your XBOX or video calling family won’t end in tears.

However if you like tweaking things to nth degree, Netgear gives the opportunity to add parental controls, filter website content, manage connected devices and even secure your WiFi connection thanks to its partnership with antivirus company Bitdefender.

All features can be controlled from the Orbi app even from a remote location.


Routers are generally ugly boxes, best locked away in cupboards or behind furniture. The Orbi is quite the opposite. Its two oblong shaped towers are meant to be seen, with its modern and sleek design it can fit into most home decor situations.

Room for improvement

Because your home WiFi requires a modem and router to work, it would be nice to see a dual modem/router model of the Orbi released in the future.


If poor WiFi coverage is becoming the bane of your existence, Netgear Orbi is the answer to let you do more streaming and less screaming.


  • Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system (twin pack) is available from Amazon, Currys & Argos for £229

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