Swimmers set for European Championships

Swimmers set for European Championships

Israel’s swimming squad for the European Championshsips

The Israeli Swimming Association have announced they’ll be sending 17 swimmers to the European Championships, which are being held in Berlin this week.

An increase on eight swimmers who represented the country at the World Championships, Gal Nevo and Yakov Toumarkin will be the main men medal hopes, while Amit Ivry carries the women’s greatest hopes.

Some of the squad have already been in action with Thursday seeing the men’s 10km race. However, Israel’s two swimmers failed to make an impact. Shahar Resman finished in a time of 1:52.16, but at more than two minutes behind the winner, found himself in 30th place. Yuval Safra finished 35 seconds behind him in 33rd place.

Israel swimming squad:
Guy Barnea, Amit Ivry, Jonathan Koplev, Gal Nevo, Almog Olstein, Yakov Toumarkin, David Gamburg, Yaron Segalov, Keren Zivnir, Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or, Itai Gurevich, Alexi Konovalov, Tom Kremer, Yahav Shahaf, Nastia Korotkov, Yuval Safra, Shahar Resman

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