Swastika and Nazi rhetoric daubed in Soho Square

Swastika and Nazi rhetoric daubed in Soho Square

The crudely drawn symbol was accompanied by references to Adolf Hitler

A Swastika has been reported after being found in a central London park, alongside white supremacist rhetoric.

The Nazi symbol was found in Soho Square with the neo-Nazi abbreviation “1488” on  a gardener’s hut on Monday.

The daubing was accompanied by the word “SKINZ”, referring to the racial violence of the skinhead movement, and the number “1488”, an abbreviation of white supremacist and Nazi symbols. “88” refers to “HH” or “Heil Hitler” while “14” is seen to refer to the “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Reported to Westminster Council by Matt de Leon, a Company Director who walks through the square on his commute, the graffiti has now been removed by authorities .

The incident comes after the National Police Chiefs’ Council reported an almost 60% increase in hate crimes since the Brexit vote. De Leon said: “Since Brexit, this country has moved backwards, with many now thinking racism and anti-Semitism is acceptable.”

He added: “It’s sickening to see this type of graffiti, there is no place for it in society.”

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