Israeli invention charges phone in 30 seconds

Israeli invention charges phone in 30 seconds

StoreDot’s prototype needs refining (photo of generic charger)

The days of charging your phone for hours on end are numbered, thanks to an Israeli technological breakthrough.

Powering a mobile phone will take just 30 seconds by 2016, according to Israeli company StoreDot, although it could raise the cost of a handset by £95.

The company has raised $48million so far, with backing from an unnamed mobile phone maker. Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has also ploughed $10million into the project.

Tech analyst Zack Weisfeld said: “We live in a power hungry world. People are constantly chasing a power outlet. This has the potential to solve a big problem.”

The innovation is based around the creation of ‘nanodots’, described as bio-organic peptide molecules. They alter the way a battery behaves to allow the rapid absorption and retention of power.

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