Stamford Hill Interfaith meeting declares “We have faith in the community”

Stamford Hill Interfaith meeting declares “We have faith in the community”

Rabbi Avrohom Pinter
Rabbi Avrohom Pinter
Stamford Hill Faith in Community
Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives of Stamford Hill declare “We have FAITH in community”. Left to Right: Steven Derby, Eusoof Amerat, Fr William Taylor, Rabbi Abraham Pinter, Fr David Smolira, Revd Charles Card-Reynolds, Rabbi Jehudah Baumgarten ( credit Interfaith Matters)

Religious leaders from Stamford Hill’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities have come together in a display of unity, as a response to a planned anti-Semitic march by neo-Nazis.

The interfaith initiative took place ahead of the planned ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ march, organised by a far-right group intent on ending what it calls the ‘Jewification’ of the area.

Stamford Hill has a considerable ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, which the march was scheduled to target on 23 March before the organiser was arrested. It had been rescheduled to 2 May.

The meeting of religious leaders took place in Stamford Hill at the offices of Interlink Foundation and included Rabbi Abraham Pinter and Rabbi Jehudah Baumgarten, the former offering the Jewish community’s gratitude to those who took steps to stop the march.

“The expressions of solidarity were unambiguous and came from all our neighbours and friends of every background,” he said. “The threatened march has only served to bring our communities even closer together.”

Interfaith group ‘Interfaith Matters’ ‘ director, Steven Derby, told Jewish News: “It’s been a privilege to work with communities so committed to convivial relations, public benefit and prepared to stand against fascists that would otherwise fracture a cohesive neighbourhood.”

Muslim representative Eusoof Amerat, trustee of Masjid-e-Quba, echoed this sentiment, saying: “The Muslim community stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our Jewish neighbours and friends. Our support is unreserved.”

Stamford Hill’s Christian community also displayed their support also with Father David Smolira, Reverend Charles Card-Reynolds and Father William Taylor attending. Taylor, Parish Priest of St Thomas, said: “We treasure our Jewish neighbours and we fully intend to protect our good relations.”

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