Kosher comes knocking!

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Kosher comes knocking!

Brigit Grant looks at Sabeny, the fastest way to get your kosher groceries during lockdown!

Staff at delivering kosher food!
Staff at delivering kosher food!

While the many still battle for supermarket delivery slots and a kosher chicken has proved as elusive as the Dodo, has been quietly and efficiently sending kosher groceries across the country.

Just before Passover, when women traditionally go into panic mode and the lockdown pushed them over the edge, this kosher online food delivery firm went into over-drive and solved their problems.

“We even delivered a Pesach package with matzos and wine to the Isle of White,” says owner Shlomo Grosskopf who will happily reel of a list of the tempting food he can send to your door. 

Since Passover Shlomo has been rushed off his feet helping to restock people’s homes  with chometz and his wife and young children saw his working days increase to 18 hours before the holiday.

“I explained to my children that if they help me by behaving at home and helping their mother prepare for Pesach, they get part of the Mitzvah of ensuring every Jew has Matzoh for Pesach,” said Shlomo who started after taking a UK holiday showed him how difficult it was to get kosher food outside of a city.

Sabney Kugel

“I made the decision  then that everyone should be able to buy kosher at an affordable price regardless of where they lived.”

Special packaging ensures the meat, fish  and ready meals stay fresh or frozen and they always arrives on time with a courier service texting customers with a 2 hour delivery time slot on the day of their delivery. 

“We are also cheaper than local shops in London because we bulk buy and I’m sure anyone who uses Sabeny now will continue to do so in the future.”