Jamie’s a man of Action
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Jamie’s a man of Action

Richard Cawthorne speaks to Jamie Goral of ActionCOACH about helping businesses accelerate profit growth

Jamie Goral, centre, shares some of his client profit growth journeys with ActionCOACH business coaches at the recent national conference
Jamie Goral, centre, shares some of his client profit growth journeys with ActionCOACH business coaches at the recent national conference

Maximising profits is what Jamie Goral does. It all began when he helped turn around a company he was working for from a £6million loss to a £1.5m profit.

He decided it was the sort of challenge he liked and struck out on his own. The turnaround is one of a string of achievements listed by Goral, 45, since he signed up with the world’s largest business coaching firm ActionCOACH, which specialises in helping business owners accelerate profit growth and make better use of their time. This results in more time with their family, more leisure time or even the opportunity to start another business in addition to the current one.

Jamie Gorall
Jamie Gorall

Goral, a product of Carmel College and Liverpool University, says it is an area with fertile ground: “Many companies carry on their business just making enough profit to cover the business owner’s living costs.”

Often they spend long hours to achieve this, at a cost to their health or relationships but, he says: “With just a little help, they could do so much better.”

As proof, he cites one of his larger clients, with whom he began working almost three years ago. The company’s turnover was £11m, but it has now more than doubled to £26m. The net profits also doubled to £2m in this period.

As well as his belief in his field, the Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue member says the other
key to success is tenacity.

Goral uses his 23 years of experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises and the ActionCOACH six steps system tested on more than 100,000 businesses. It is his passion to ensure clients keep to the plan. And, he says, it works.

First off, results are guaranteed. If, after a year of coaching, the gross profit growth does not cover the fees, Goral will refund the difference (as long as the business owner has met all its commitments on the agreed growth plan). Secondly, he can produce numerous video and written testimonials from satisfied clients.

And, to top it all, he has won awards for his efforts, including being named in 2015 as the fastest-growing UK ActionCOACH (out of 108 coaches) and commended in the Franchisee of the Year category in an external contest voted by 25 high-profile business owners, including Nick Jenkins (Moonpig and Dragons Den), Jon Wright (Innocent drinks), Cath Kidston and Nick “Charles Tyrwhitt” Wheeler.

Goral also presents at seminars for banks’ business customers and is part of the ActionCOACH national training and business coach coaching team.


Email: Jamiegoral@actioncoach.com, or call 07717 453063 / 020 7993 2420