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Enough, Already!

If you are 70-plus and struggling with new technology, Sparko TV makes it simple and keeps you in touch with the world today and in the future

It’s not fun to be told you fall into the ‘vulnerable’ age group in these difficult times. Or to find yourself unable to use computers or navigate the internet when it’s never been more necessary.

When simple pleasures, such as seeing your grandchildren and friends, are taken away, and finding an electrician or a plumber is a task, wouldn’t it great if it was possible at the  press of a button.

That’s what Sparko TV does. Sparko is an innovative British service-tech start-up that has developed a game changing solution called Sparko Virtual Retirement Community.

Backed by Age UK and the UK’s leading housing associations, Sparko VRC (Virtual Retirement Community) offers an integrated, user-friendly interactive tech solution, combined with dedicated human staff.

“It is a brilliant way to use the technology older people have in their own homes already – their TV,” says Jane Caldwell, CEO at Age UK in East London. “Instead of having to learn to use unfamiliar new technologies, there is a simple to use remote control, which opens the door to a range
of tailored content with exercise and  educational classes and movie classics.”

So how does it work? The Sparko solution is based on four pillars:

Connection to the outside world

It provides the member with unlimited video calls with family, friends and caregivers, messages, reminders and exchanges of photos. Family relatives and caregivers are provided with an app that is available on any iOS or Android technology.

Support at your fingertips

A dedicated coordinator to assist and organise help. If you are feeling unwell or lonely, are in need of some milk or even have a broken pipe, the Sparko Coordinator is available to look for a swift solution.

Follow a daily routine 

The solution delivers a tailor-made daily plan to suit each member with their personal preferences in a way that will leave the user active and filled with a sense of purpose.

Mentally and physically stimulated.

The easy-to-use tech interactive technology includes exercise videos, cooking and language classes and entertainment programmes.

The joy of Sparko TV is that you don’t need to know how to web stream or
retain passwords to stay connected to the outside world.

Hilda Joseph in Stanmore had a system fitted some months ago and it has changed her life. “I’m disabled and wouldn’t be without it as I  do exercises, which are great during the pandemic as I can’t get out. I can ring anyone and
at last we can see each other.”

And Sparko TV isn’t just about survival now. Those who live in isolated conditions will benefit when the restrictions are lifted, as they will continue to have access to the “virtual retirement community” and suitable local services in their neighbourhood and membership benefits to help them deal with all household chores and daily tasks.

With trained engineers following stringent safety precautions available to deliver and set up the Sparko TV system now, you can be connected to your family, friends and the world today.


For more information, call 0333 305 0182 or visit www.sparko.tv