All hands to the pump!
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All hands to the pump!

A revolutionary hand sanitiser is shaking up hygiene in schools

Typically, the fairycake stall is the first to sell out at a summer fete, followed closely by the drinks stand. So imagine Jonathan Sandford’s surprise when his display of hand santisers became the big attraction and sold out.

Of course, Germstar is not just any hand sanitiser and, at a time when the push for hygiene in public spaces has never been greater, there is a big need for a product that encourages children and adults to use one.

Schools have rules about hand washing frequently, but getting children to follow them is difficult and time-consuming. The arrival of a Germstar dispenser in bathrooms will change that, because the colourful contemporary design is enticing to little ones.

With the 964ml touchless dispensers resembling small spaceships, and the 355ml touchless dispensers looking like science equipment, Germstar has turned the sanitiser into an object of curiosity – and that is a good thing when you want a hygiene system to help protect students from nursery age through to university from germs that cause illness. Best of all this, sanitiser is a liquid and not a gel, which as we know leaves a sticky residue and stays on the hands long after it should.

Germstar, however, keeps you safe without a trace as it dries almost instantly. It is also all-natural, consisting of five or fewer ingredients, and is totally free of harsh chemicals and not tested on animals. Best of all, it is now available here in the UK with Jonathan Sandford as the sole distributor.

Germstar:  The History

As inventions go, it may not sound life-changing – but when Californian nurse Lupe Hernandez discovered in 1966 that alcohol, delivered through a gel, made for a convenient way to clean hands when there was no access to soap and water, she could not have predicted that 50 years later, the US hand sanitiser market would be worth more than $400 million.

First used in hospitals and schools, as the modern world became ever more sterile and reliant on medicine, hand sanitisers became a must-have-on person product that one dare not leave home without.

Germstar was formed in the USA in 2008, in response to an increased rise of outbreaks such as norovirus and e-coli and the ever-present risk of germs, bacteria and viruses. The company produces a sanitising liquid that provides 99.99% effectiveness against viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Germstar:  The Ugly Facts

Most bacteria on our hands are on our fingertips and under our nails, and the number of bacteria on our fingertips doubles when we use the bathroom. Although handwashing after using the toilet is pretty much ingrained into us, most people wash their palms and miss everything else.

Germs are everywhere – on every surface we touch.

Germstar: The Protector

Hand sanitisers provide protection for everyone in the fight to kill germs transmitted via the hands, which accounts for 80 percent of transmission. Germstar kills 99.9 percent of all transient bacteria, viruses and fungus on contact, and has been proven to kill swine flu, norovirous, gastroenteritis, e-coli, salmonella, MRSA, and many  more nasties.

What about us? 

Hundreds of schools in the UK have already installed the cheery dispensers and parents are stock-piling the 59ml Germstar handy  spray bottles.

There is also a glamorous alternative for sanitising in the Luxe range – lipstick-shaped metal containers that all sanitise to be spritzed stylishly and discreetly.

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