A small school with big dreams
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A small school with big dreams

Moriah Jewish Day School in Pinner provides a safe and stimulating learning environment, where every child matters

Moriah Jewish Day School is a small school with big dreams and this is our greatest strength. Here, every child matters and every child is a valued and integral part of our community.

Not only are we passionately committed to providing all of our children with a safe and stimulating learning environment, where everyone succeeds, but we nurture our children to develop their sense of self, take pride in who they are and explore who they want to be.

Our rich and diverse curriculum together with our exceptional pastoral care, ensure that each pupil is happy, well cared for and striving for personal academic excellence, proud of their own achievements.

The dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff work tirelessly to provide an educational experience that resonates with each child. As such, our children come into school with a smile on their face and an eagerness to learn.

A Moriah student planting in the biblical garden

Outcomes at Moriah are high. Children in early years, year 2 and year 6 last year exceeded national standards by more than 10 per cent. In all areas of reading and maths we were in the 80th centile, which we are very proud of.

Underpinning everything we teach are the core Jewish values of tzedakah (charity), chesed (kindness) and v’ahavta l’re’acha kamocha (loving your fellow person as yourself). In doing so, our children are being educated to grow up to become valuable and responsible citizens of the world.

A Moriah student reading in the library

Our prospective parents evening, for children starting reception in September 2019 will take place on Thursday 1st November. For more information and for details on how to register your attendance, please visit our website moriahschool.co.uk. If you have any further questions, or wish to make an appointment to visit during the school day please email office@moriah.harrow.sch.uk

As we enter our momentous 20th anniversary year, we are ready to take the next leap in providing the very finest education possible for every child and we hope you will join us on this journey.

Kirsten Jowett, Headteacher

Moriah students in the playground