SPOTLIGHT: The Camp America Director

SPOTLIGHT: The Camp America Director

Sam Roberts has been a Camp Director for more than 15 years and knows every leader recruited will be taken care of and supported. Describing his role as comparable to being “CEO of a large organisation or the mayor of a small city”, Sam jokes that the most important thing is looking good in shorts! img-0

What are your responsibilities?

As a Camp Director you are ultimately responsible for the well being and welfare of every person in camp. You have to ensure that all the systems are running smoothly from food service, health centre, administration, sports, programing, arts etc.. Even more so you’re the one that all the Jewish parents are holding responsible.

What sort of people make the best leaders?

You want staff who possess all the characteristics of the campers you have in camp. A nice blend of wise guys and funny guys! You want staff members who want to have a great time and make a big difference in the lives of the children they are working with.

What’s the food like?

It all the depends on the camp. It isn’t like dining at the Ritz but has to appeal first and foremost to the camper. With the sophisticated palate of kids today you are going to find everything from burgers and fries to salad bars and vegetarian options. There are even camps that serve sushi!

Is it like Dirty Dancing or Camp Rock?

I would say that Camp is a total reflection of society and American pop culture. You will find it all at Camp- but you will find yourself saying: “No one puts baby in the corner.”

What is the craziest rule on camp?

There are camps that have a no open toe shoe policy.

Do Jewish people make great camp leaders?

There is no question.. As a community we are the best at camping.. Hey we started Camping back with Moses.. Those 40 years in the desert made an impact on us.

What is the best lesson camp America teaches you?

It provides you with an amazing perspective on life and more importantly a lifetime of memories that will absolutely shape your future endeavors. The skills gained through Camp America has lead participants to be amazing lawyers, doctors, consultants, educators, professors and finance leaders. Ultimately Camp America teaches you so much about yourself and who you want to be.

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