Social enterprise pop-up restaurant to be launched by United Synagogue

Social enterprise pop-up restaurant to be launched by United Synagogue

Social enterprise at Barnet shul will support the local community as well as those less fortunate, including asylum seekers, the homeless and victims of domestic abuse

Barnet Shul
Barnet Shul

A new pop-up Kosher restaurant is being launched by the United Synagogue.

Once a week, the Barnet shul-based ‘People’s Pop-Up’ will open its doors and offer a “dignified dining experience” to the community, and those less fortunate.

The social enterprise is expected to serve locals, including the elderly who may feel vulnerable. It will also be there for asylum seekers who use the United Synagogue’s drop-in centres, families supported by Jewish charities, clients at the local Chipping Banet Food Bank and nearby homeless and domestic abuse shelters.

The brainchild of Yael Peleg, Director of Strategy and Development for the United Synagogue’s Jewish Living Division, the eatery will be volunteer based, and is looking for people to help out in sourcing and preparing meals, as well as waiting on diners. Food is expected to be donated from surplus stocks in a bid to reduce waste.

Peleg said: “Like many restaurants, The People’s Pop-up will offer a dignified dining experience with linen and china. But unlike most restaurants, ours will only be popping up once a week. For a small charge, guests will enjoy a nutritious and filling two-course meal served by volunteer waiting staff.”

We cannot wait to get started – and our volunteer chefs are looking forward to the challenge of coming up with delicious meals from different ingredients each time. We look forward to serving you!”

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