SNP politician retweeted anti-Semitic ‘Rothschild’ pig message “in error”

SNP politician retweeted anti-Semitic ‘Rothschild’ pig message “in error”

Sandra White's retweet
Sandra White's retweet

A member of the Scottish Parliament has apologised for retweeting something anti-Semitic on Twitter.

Sandra White, a member of the Scottish Parliament for the Scottish National Party said she retweeted the image “in error” according to her party, and removed the retweet. 

The anti-Israel MSP promoted the image originally posted by a user called Charles Frith.

It depicts a large pig with the word ‘Rothschild’ across it. Above the word is a picture of a bank with a red star of David, whilst Piglets are shown suckling the larger pig.

Each piglet shown to represent an international actor, including a British flag showing ‘MI6’,  ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the USA’s ‘CIA’, Israel’s, and Boko Haram.

After the MSP for Glasgow Kelvin retweeted the post, an SNP spokesperson responded to the Jewish News by saying “this tweet was Re-tweeted in error and has been removed from Sandra White’s account. Sandra apologises for any offence caused.”

A separate image on the left shows Rupert Murdoch pulling the strings of leading politicians, captioned: “Why Murdoch and Rothchilds push for war.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.49.30
The message Sandra White retweeted


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