SmartGiving provides fresh way to fundraise online

SmartGiving provides fresh way to fundraise online

A website allowing people to manage their charitable giving and fundraising in much the same way as they would their bank account is being launched by JNF-UK on Friday.

SmartGiving, which is based on the traditional KKL charity voucher scheme, lets users make instant online deposits and monitor their giving online.

“It offers a revolutionary way of donating to charity in the Jewish market,” said SmartGiving director Matan Toledano, adding: “It is the most tax efficient way of giving, 5 Smart Giving Screengraband is a complete online service that allows you to transform the way you give, and by extension support Israel.”

Users will get a dedicated charity account, and because the website automatically claims gift aid tax on each deposit made, users get 25% more in their account to donate.

However, the site also allows users to manage their fundraising, by creating a personalised fundraising page and inviting friends to support the particular challenge or sponsored event.

“Individuals can create their own personal fundraising campaign and raise funds for the charity of their choice,” explained Toledano.

“Employers can offer their employees a payroll giving service encouraging social responsibility and small charities can use our platform to fundraise more effectively.”

Additionally, SmartGiving will also offer a tax reclaim service so that individuals may reclaim the tax benefits from their donations.

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