Sir Mick Davis resigns as chief executive of the Conservative Party

Sir Mick Davis resigns as chief executive of the Conservative Party

Community leader and philanthropist steps down hours before Boris Johnson takes over as Prime Minister

Sir Mick Davis
Sir Mick Davis

Sir Mick Davis has resigned as chief executive of the Conservative Party, warning that the Tories risk handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to 10 Downing Street

Davis, a businessman and philanthropist who once chaired the Jewish Leadership Council and David Cameron’s Holocaust Commission, quit hours before Boris Johnson became prime minister.

In a letter to donors he cited “a lack of unity in our party” as well as a lack of funding, saying: “Good politics is not a cheap exercise. If we are not properly resourced and financed we will risk a very bad outcome – Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.”

South Africa-born Davis, who made his money in mining, has personally given hundreds of thousands to both the Conservative Party and to individual MPs and ministers, but is one of a dwindling number of mega-donors.

In April it was reported in The Times that he was using his own money to finance the Party’s efforts in the ill-fated European Parliament elections.

In his resignation letter, Davis said Johnson would want to choose his own support team at Conservative head office, but told donors that the new PM would only be successful if they coughed up and got behind him.

“Our new leader can only be effective if a strong and unified party stands behind him,” said Davis. “One of the key roles of CCHQ is to facilitate that outcome but I am asking you our donors, upon whom we depend, to embrace that call for unity as well.

“There is today no room for bystanders – my successor will need your help and I hope that you will step forward right now and send a powerful message of unity, purpose and commitment.”

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