Shock Your Way Into Shape : The continuing story

Shock Your Way Into Shape : The continuing story

Brigit Grant is still in pursuit of a better body with EMS and fewer bagels

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

Louise EMS 2
Louise Margolin making it happen

Not far from Mill Broadway is a house where Jewish women are being electrocuted. Voluntarily I might add – and loving every minute of it because the electrical current is stimulating their muscles and shaping their bodies.  The woman with her finger on the frequency dial is Louise Margolin, an advocate of electric muscle stimulation (EMS)  since it changed her body and now an instructor who pushes her clients to the limit to get the results they want.

Some handle it better than others. “I have regulars who can do press-ups and stomach crunches on the floor at the highest  current level,” says Louise. And then there is me – now at session three – but still yelling “Oy !” and “Oy !” every time the blue bars light up on control panel.

I signed up with Louise when there were 37 days remaining until my holiday and a full-length kaftan was the only way I could dress for the beach. Fitting exercise into my hectic work/home life was a chore – I told Louise and she understood. A lot of her clients have the same problem which is why they opt for EMS which offers a 90 minute vigorous workout in the space of 20 minutes. Just think about that. A full 90 minutes of fat-burning exercise that is over in 1200 seconds, which gives you time to go shopping and get your nails done in the same morning.

The woman with her finger on the dial: Louise Margolin
The woman with her finger on the dial: Louise Margolin

So much for the time saving, what about the shaping? I hear you cry. Well, the good news is that EMS works. In just three sessions I can see a change in those hard to get at places like my inner thighs and trembling underarms. Both look and feel tighter which is excellent and unusual. Louise has also been on at me about my diet and helping me to meal plan so there is no accidental noshing. If I followed her tips more closely I would be further down the road to success, but I have never seen results so quickly.  In September I will be revealing what Louise and EMS can do for cellulite and brides, but for now with the holiday just a week away it’s all about me. Unless you’d like to see her.

Call Louise Margolin : 07976-244084

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