Shhh… but Israel’s most popular baby name is Mohamed!

Shhh… but Israel’s most popular baby name is Mohamed!

How popular his name is depends on what it is

Some names are just more convenient than others.

So it proved in the Jewish state this week, when the annual list of top 10 boys’ names in Israel revealed that Yosef, Daniel, Uri, Itai, Omer, Adam, Noam, Ariel, Eitan and David were the most popular baby names chosen that year.

Unfortunately the list – compiled by the Population and Immigration Authority – missed out a name more popular than any of these. That name was Mohamed.

An admin error it was not, Ha’aretz reporters showed, when they also revealed that the name Ahmed – also omitted – was actually the ninth most popular.

Luckily for the Population and Immigration Authority, spokesperson Sabine Hadad was able to explain the discrepancy, saying that the list “reflected the media’s interest in Hebrew names” and absolutely was not a “plot to hide information”.

Reassured, the world wished all the Mohameds, Yosefs, Daniels, Uris, Itais, Omers, Adams, Noams, Ariels, Eitans, Ahmeds and Davids of Israel a very happy Jewish new year.

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