Shavuot flower collection in memory of Liora

Shavuot flower collection in memory of Liora

Thousands of flowers were gathered by schoolchildren through the GIFT initiative, in memory of Liora Rosenberg

Stephen is the Jewish News' Foreign Editor

Hundreds of Jewish schoolchildren in London and Manchester showed they had petal-power this week, after collecting flowers for local families for Shavuot.

The GIFT initiative, in which almost 1,000 children participate, saw Nancy Reuben Primary School in Hendon donate their flowers in memory of Liora Rosenberg, a 20-year old teaching assistant and former JFS student who died at the end of April.

She passed away in hospital after suffering a bleed to the brain and pneumonia, one week after she became ill. Almost 15,000 people followed news of her condition on Facebook.

Liora Rosenberg is fighting for her life
Liora Rosenberg

Flowers will be distributed through the Flower Tjo launched on Thursday in her name in conjunction with charity GIFT, which encourages young people to give to those in need.

Jewish community members were invited to participate in the launch by bringing a bunch of flowers to Aish Hendon, where they met Rabbi Shlomo Farhi, who was Liora’s teacher and a family friend.

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