Shane Warne’s daughter slammed for ‘disgusting’ Holocaust Instagram post

Shane Warne’s daughter slammed for ‘disgusting’ Holocaust Instagram post

The daughter of an Australian cricketer has been criticised for a “disgusting” post on Instagram, mocking victims of the Holocaust and Malaysian Airline disasters.

Shane Warne’s 18-year old teenage daughter Brooke ploaded the “awful” picture of her with friends at a fancy dress party on Saturday night, posting to her 11 thousand followers.

It is accompanied by the caption “Politically incorrect — yes #cecil #malaysianairline #holocaust”, and drew heavy criticism from social media, before it was removed.
Brooke is on the left, holding a toy Cecil the Lion

In the photo, the retired cricketer’s daughter held a toy version of Cecil the Lion, who made international headlines when killed last year.

Next to her, a friend wears striped pyjamas similar to those worn by Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Others in the photo wore blood-stained air steward uniforms, in outfits mocking the victims of theMH17 and MH370 Malaysian Airline disasters. 

One user, mrsmedavis reacted by saying “this is awful”, whilst another, whilstariawillems68, described the post as ‘very disgusting & disturbing.’

Before being removed, mrsmedavis added: “If you’ve ever visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC you wouldn’t be prancing around in a pair of striped pyjamas.”

Despite the criticism, one of Brooke’s friends tagged in the Instagram post replies: ‘Don’t hate the playa hate the game baby.’

Brooke Warne removed the post but has not yet commented on the issue on social media.

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