Shabbat services broadcasted by Liberal synagogue

Shabbat services broadcasted by Liberal synagogue


By Abi Prettyman

A Liberal synagogue in north-west London has began broadcasting its shabbat services.

Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue (NPLS) launched the initiative in early July to allow to those who can’t attend to watch online from anywhere in the world.

The streamed service follows the success of a similar programme run by The Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS), and Liberal Judaism’s ‘Day of Celebration’, which was also broadcasted.

The service began in July, boasting viewers “from all over the world” Said Richard Conradi, leader of the NPLS ‘streaming group’.

Conradi said it had been “enthusiastically received by many” ‘including the elderly, those in hospital or convalescent at home, those who live too far away, relatives of families celebrating special occasions, and members on holiday.’

He added: “The streaming of services commenced at the beginning of July and, after just a few weeks, has attracted an audience of some 10 – 15 people per service from all over the world. It has also been viewed by some who are considering joining the synagogue.””

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