Second kosher deli loses licence for selling non-kosher meat

Second kosher deli loses licence for selling non-kosher meat

Gough’s Delicatessen in Prestwich has kashrut licence revoked by Manchester Beth Din, after Liverpool's kosher authority revealed that Roseman’s deli was also selling treif

Roseman Delicatessen in Liverpool (Google Maps)
Roseman Delicatessen in Liverpool (Google Maps)

Two kosher delis in Manchester and Liverpool under the same ownership have had their kashrut licences suspended after authorities raised concerns about selling non-kosher meat and poultry.

On Sunday, Gough’s Deli in Prestwich, Manchester, said on Facebook that its licence had been revoked by the Manchester Beth Din.

Then on Monday Rabbi Natan Fagleman of the Liverpool Kashrut Commission, which incorporates the Liverpool Shechita Board, outlined how “serious breaches of kashrut have taken place at Roseman’s Delicatessen”.

Gough’s said it was “disgusted, outraged” with the news, saying: “We have just been informed by the media that Manchester Beth Din has revoked our licence due to violation of kashrut [sic].

“All food provided and produced within our premises has always adhered to and will contain to be within the guidelines of Manchester Beth Din.” The two delis have the same ownership.

In Liverpool, Jewish residents were urged not to use “all utensils that have ever been used to cook meat/poultry bought at Roseman’s” and that “all food bought under the LKC licence should be discarded,” with the exception of chickens with a Manchester Beth Din label and pre-packed sealed meat products from other suppliers.

“Arrangements are being made for shul and communal kitchens to be appropriately restored to kosher status,” said Fagleman, adding that details would follow regarding the koshering of private residences and of ovens.

“From Tuesday morning Roseman’s will only be licensed to sell pre-packed with an existing reliable Hechsher (certification)… No fresh products will be produced at Roseman’s. We believe that in this way the community will have access to fresh meant and a retail kosher outlet which is crucial to its survival.”

While the Roseman’s investigation is underway and the licence restricted, kosher meat and poultry is being sourced from Salford-based kosher butchers MH Meats, as well as Prestwich-based Vidals Kosher Meats.

The deli packs and delivers the Pesach parcels to “needy individuals and families” who are clients of Merseyside Jewish Community Care, which said it had had “very complimentary feedback from clients who receive these parcels”. The MJCC’s kosher meals service provides more than 5,000 meals annually.

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