Satmar school welcomes improved Ofsted verdict

Satmar school welcomes improved Ofsted verdict

Strictly-Orthodox leaders welcomed news that Beis Rochel d’Satmar Girls’ School had 'significantly improved' its standards

Strictly Orthodox representatives in London have welcomed an Ofsted report on a Satmar girls’ school in Stamford Hill, which was told it was meeting independent school standards after being rated “inadequate” in 2015.

Beis Rochel d’Satmar Girls’ School, which is split over four sites on Amhurst Road, was inspected on 14 July, at the end of the academic term, after school leaders were told to up their game.

An unannounced inspection last year revealed that English was not being taught to Early Years pupils, and subjects such as science were not being taught from Year 10. Numerous other concerns were raised, in areas such as safeguarding, student welfare and health and safety.

The school was ordered to come up with an improvement plan, but proposals submitted in April of this year were rejected as insufficient by the Department for Education.

However, inspectors now report that the “quality of education has significantly improved,” with “planning and resources now in place to support the teaching of [GCSE] science,” which is to be offered from this month.

In addition to a new physical education teacher, inspectors reported that “a full lesson of English is taught every afternoon” to children in the Early Years classes.

Inspectors add: “Personal, social, health and economic education has also improved and the school effectively promotes fundamental British values. The focus on tolerance and mutual respect is especially celebrated all around the school.”

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