Sainsbury’s sorry AGAIN after pork in kosher section

Sainsbury’s sorry AGAIN after pork in kosher section

A Sainsbury’s customer has accused the retailer of “fashionable racism” after he found pork on sale in the kosher food section of a local store, writes Sophie Lipton.

Sainsbury’s has apologised saying the pork products were placed in the kosher section ‘by mistake’

Shopper David Mendoza found salami in the kosher food section of the Cromwell Road store in Kensington last week.

He said half a shelf of kosher goods had been moved to another cold cabinet, with a selection of Hungarian salami moved into its place.

“Someone had moved the contents and replaced them with pork products, attaching the price labels and everything,” he said. “It must have been five minutes’ work, not a simple accident.”

He says he complained to the store and later described the incident as amounting to “fashionable racism”.

A spokesperson for the supermarket apologised for the incident, saying: “The salami was mistakenly put on display in the wrong area of the store…. As soon as we realised this, it was moved.”

Sainsbury’s also reassured customers that their fresh kosher range at the Cromwell Road store “has not changed”.

The complaint comes after the retail giant was again forced to apologise after the entire kosher range was removed from the kosher section at its store in Holborn earlier this week, after of a pro-Palestinian picket outside.

Sainsbury’s described the action as a “precautionary measure” and said the food was simply moved to another area of the shop.