Safe, sound and secure with the CST
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Safe, sound and secure with the CST

The well-being of our community rests with one organisation

CST volunteers in training
CST volunteers in training

CST is Community Security Trust, the charity that provides security for British Jews. They are constantly working against antiSemitism, racism and the threat of terrorism.

CST can only ever be as strong as the support that they receive from the Jewish community, because it is from here that CST draws its volunteers, its resource and its mission.

CST is here to facilitate Jewish life at a time when terrorism, extremism and anti-Semitism can sometimes feel hard to escape from. They literally give our community the chance to play its part in the continuing challenge against those negatives. Above all, they need men and women to step forward and play their part as security volunteers, joining their teams and being trained in self-defence and community protection.

In recent years, CST has spent nearly £11 million on enhancing the security of Jewish communal buildings throughout the UK. It is also responsible for obtaining and managing government funding for commercial security guards at Jewish schools, synagogues and other venues.

They are proud of Britain’s diverse and vibrant Jewish community and are determined to ensure its continuing success. They also believe that reducing anti-Semitism is fundamental to safeguarding British values and society from the joint threats of extremism and hatred.

CST has offices in London, Manchester and Leeds. More than 80 staff and 3,000 communal security volunteers work in partnership with synagogues, schools, and community centres to help keep the community safe. Together, they  secure more than 600 Jewish communal buildings and approximately 1,000 communal events each year.

CST helps and supports victims of anti-Semitism, and monitors and records anti-Semitic activities and incidents. They are the only UK organisation that records, analyses and publishes nationwide statistics and information about anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes.

Sadly, the number of anti-Semitic incidents has grown. During last year,
CST often dealt with more than 100 such reports per month.

CST represents British Jewry to police, government and media on anti-Semitism and security. It works in operational partnership with police and enjoys the full support of government and the opposition. CST is widely held to be the role model of its type.

All of CST’s work is provided free of charge, but they rely upon the partnership and active participation of the entire Jewish community: for their volunteer recruits, for their funding, for reporting, and also for the willing co-operation that underpins every one of  their activities throughout UK communities.

Please, play your part and join them in their work: you may well find it challenging, but it will certainly be highly rewarding.


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