Roundup of World Jewish News

Roundup of World Jewish News

From Mel Brooks’ childhood and nightclubs in 19th Century Jewish heritage Quarters to Hong Kong billionaire dads offering millions for their lesbian daughter’s hand in marriage – we bring you the latest in Jewish news from around the globe – dated 13 May 2013

Country: United States

This year’s Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival featured ‘Putzel,’ which follows the young man Walter Himmelstein, whose life doesn’t go extend much beyond his family’s fish store, and ‘When Comedy Went to School’ which chronicles the early lives of Mel Brooks and Jackie Mason.

Country: Poland

British Jewish scholar Jonathan Webber has written to leaders of Krakow’s Jewish community expressing ‘horror’ at a new nightclub opening in the city’s old Jewish quarter. He described the community’s decision to rent the building out as an all-night music club as ‘an abuse of our heritage’.

Country: Austria

Hundreds of singers from across Europe travelled to Vienna last weekend for the continent’s first European Jewish Choir Festival. Up to 400 vocalists from 16 cities showcased their repertoires. The festival is set to become an annual event, with Rome hosting next year’s gathering.

Country: Hungary

Three men have been convicted of anti-Semitic abuse after neo-Nazi groups targeted the World Jewish Congress in Budapest earlier this month. One man was sentenced to three years in prison after following visitors from the synagogue, shouting obscenities and making Nazi salutes.

Country: Australia

Israel and Australia have jointly released stamps marking the charge of the Australian Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba in 1917. Australia’s heavily outnumbered troops fought and eventually overran a Turkish division to take the town and open the road for the capture of Jerusalem.

Country: Denmark

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen is looking to Denmark to persuade a pair of comedy writers to help him produce his next film called ‘The Lesbian.’ It will be based on a real-life Hong Kong billionaire who offered 65 million dollars to any man who could marry his lesbian daughter.


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