Ronaldo’s anti-defamation backing over Israeli advert

Ronaldo’s anti-defamation backing over Israeli advert

The Anti-Defamation League have given their public backing to Cristiano Ronaldo after he was subjected to verbal abuse on social media having appeared in a commercial for an Israeli cable company.

The Real Madrid striker appeared alongside Israeli comedy trio Ma Kashur, joking along with his new teammates that the internet can’t be faster than him.

His appearance drew heavy criticism from pro-Palestinian supporters, but Jonathan A.Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL said: “We support Cristiano Ronaldo who was unfairly attacked by anti-Israel activists on social media.  “Unfortunately, he has fallen prey to an ugly smear campaign which attempts to stigmatise any celebrity who participates in anything Israeli. Here is an athlete who has both Israeli and Palestinian fans and has reached out to all.

His appearance in an Israeli commercial has nothing to do with politics or ‘choosing sides’ and we commend him for not succumbing to the campaign which seeks to demonise every aspect of Israeli life.”

You can watch Ronaldo’s appearance in the Israeli advert here:

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