Rob Rinder on Loose Women pays tribute to 93-year old grandma

Rob Rinder on Loose Women pays tribute to 93-year old grandma

Reality TV judge and his mum Angela praise 'wonderful' 93-year old Lottie during Mother's Day appearance

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Rob Rinder with mum Angela
Rob Rinder with mum Angela

TV Judge Rob Rinder and his mother Angela Cohen have paid tribute to ‘Grandma Lotty,’ Rinder’s 93-year old grandmother, during a special Mother’s Day appearance on ITV’s Loose Women.

Appearing alongside Stacey Solomon and other guests, Rinder also praised Angela as “an extraordinary single mum,” while Angela said Rob “started speaking before he walked, and he hasn’t stopped”.

Cohen now heads the 45 Aid Society, the group set up after the war by Holocaust survivor Ben Helfgott, one of 732 orphaned children – mainly boys – brought to the UK from central and eastern Europe. They later became known as ‘The Boys,’ with Rinder’s grandfather Moshe Malenicky among them.

Judge Rinder's Holocaust surviving grandmother Lottie
Judge Rinder’s Holocaust surviving grandmother Lottie

Speaking about Moshe’s wife, now known as ‘Grandma Lotty,’ Angela paid tribute to her help, saying: “I would never have been able to work and do what I did had it not been for my mum. She looked after my boys, picked them up from school. My wonderfully mummy is going to be 93 next week, so very Happy Mother’s Day.”

Cohen told the Loose Women audience how she got married at 19 but at 29 found herself on her own, raising her two sons in Southgate. When they threw a party in her absence, she found herself “known as the acid house queen for years”.

Having taken over from Helfgott in 2015, Cohen is now planning the ’45 Aid Society’s 72nd reunion dinner of ‘The Boys’ on 1 May, while Rinder is also engaged in communal life, addressing last year’s Yom HaShoah National Commemorative Event, the Jewish National Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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