Readers’ Letters: ‘Why not focus on the positive?’

Readers’ Letters: ‘Why not focus on the positive?’

Richard Ferrer has become a leading voice on Jewish communal issues since becoming editor of the Jewish News in 2009, writing about contemporary Jewish life for a national audience. He edited the Boston Jewish Advocate, America's oldest Jewish newspaper and created the Channel 4 series Jewish Mum of the Year.


Rachely helps the entire community

Dear Sir,

We were delighted to see Camp Simcha co-founder Rachely Plancey recognised in the Jewish News Forty Under 40 list. She has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to establish and grow Camp Simcha to ensure that the practical and emotional support we provide to Jewish families, coping with serious childhood illness can be as far-reaching as possible.

In the list Rachely was recognised in the Charedim group, but we would like to point out that Camp Simcha supports Jewish families of all affiliations.

The impact of Rachely and Camp Simcha’s work reaches out to families all over the UK, across the spectrum of religious observation.

Serious childhood illness can affect any family and at Camp Simcha we see the most Orthodox family members supporting the most secular and vice versa, united in a club no one wants to be part of, but able to understand what the other is going through in a way that those in their immediate community may not.

The impact of Rachely’s work is felt throughout the whole community as we strive to make sure no Jewish family with a seriously ill child should have to suffer without Camp Simcha’s support.

Neville Goldschneider

Camp Simcha

Groening’s clear link to murders

Dear Sir,

Richard Ferrer’s column on the trial of Oskar Groening [Jewish News, 23 April], focusing on his alleged complicity in the death of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews seemed to miss the point.

If the German law courts want this man found guilty of a crime against humanity, they should view The Nazis – A Warning from History. In this excellent series, made in 1997, the evidence is clear.

Oskar Groening admits, with a degree of arrogance, that his banking background placed him in an administration role in Auschwitz. His job was to account for all the cash removed from the victims.

He then counted the cash in order of country of origin. French Francs, German Reich Marks and, of course, Hungarian Pengos. He then had to place the cash in bags and dispatch it all to Berlin.

But that’s not all. He effectively took off the top a percentage for himself.

After the war, he was set up financially for a career in business and finally as a town judge in the judiciary.

His crime was not about mass murder directly or by proxy as a Nazi. His crime was benefiting financially from the mass murder of Jews and others in Auschwitz. This is a war crime. So, why are the German law courts stabbing in the dark for a questionable link to mass murder?

Mike Abramov

By email

Why not focus on the positive?

Dear Sir,

Normally on a birthday one celebrates with praise. But in your editorial entitled ‘A Challenging 67 years’ for Israel’s recent anniversary there was an emphasis on the negative. How unjust and unkind. There are so many achievements about which the Jewish state can be genuinely proud.

Your readers might be interested to learn that half of English householders’ waste water is treated by Israel’s Mapal Green Energy.

United Utilities – the UK’s largest water company – selected Mapal Green Energy to treat the wastewater of its customers.

Thames Water and Anglian Water had already chosen Mapal’s system.

Lynette Ordman

By email

Dim view of those opposing an eruv

Dear Sir,

The proposal to mount an eruv in Bushey ­– that is to no-one’s disadvantage – is opposed by the Bushey Residents’ Group, but has provided them with a creditable platform on which some people can safely disguise their dislike of living among Jews.

Whether on the grounds of religion or race is of no matter, but by decrying the import of Jews that could occur with the erection of an eruv, is, in essence, racist in nature.

It is very likely that some people could be relied upon to oppose the settlement of Jews in any place.

Leila Cumber


Making clear that hotel isn’t kosher

Dear Sir,

I refer to your recent review of the Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv on your travel page [Jewish News, 2 April]. It is right to point out to Jewish News readers that, unlike the majority of tourist hotels in Tel Aviv and other resorts in Israel, the Norman Hotel is not a kosher establishment and one should be aware of this prior to booking a hotel stay in the city.

Jeremy Segel

By email

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