Readers’ letters: ‘Trump is our Moshiach’

Readers’ letters: ‘Trump is our Moshiach’

This week, our readers' send in their thoughts about the coverage of Donald Trump's election victory

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Buffoon was the least bad 

Looking at the result of the US presidential election as an outsider, the Amercian electorate was given a terrible choice between a buffoon and a crook.

So, for voters, the least bad option must be the former.

The email controversy showed Hillary Clinton was, at the very least, imprudent and the funding of her charitable foundation raised questions of the possibility of having sold influence.

The way the Democrats conducted a smear campaign was enough to put anyone off, but their claim that Trump was an anti-Semite is
patently false because, if he were, he would have disowned his daughter for converting to Orthodox Judaism.

Obviously the electorate saw the anti-Trumps rhetoric for what it really was – pure propaganda that relied on the better the devil you know card – and then voted accordingly.

Roslyn Pine, N3

Don’t make this dream a reality

Last Wednesday I woke up in a cold sweat having dreamed I had just watched Comrade Corbyn, flanked by the gormless, grinning hypocrite Diane Abbott and oily, obnoxious Ken Livingstone, giving an acceptance speech as our new prime minister!

Panic over. But then I turned on the TV and saw that Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States.

The same Mr Trump who all the experienced political commentators insisted would never win his party’s nomination, then insisted he was a joke and had no chance of winning the election.

Every time he opened his mouth, he insulted or alienated a large section of the US population. Even the bad publicity regarding his treatment and comments about women didn’t make any difference.

God forbid my dream becomes reality (after the result of the US election, stranger things have now clearly happened).

Russell Ballen, By email

You are so misguided over Trump’s election

After reading your front page article last week entitled ‘Heaven help US!’ I thought I had picked up The Guardian in error (Jewish News, 10 November).

Your misguided writer attacked Donald Trump over, it seems to read, his promise to support Israel – a new policy to replace Obama’s denigration of our spiritual homeland and its prime minister.

Let me remind your wrong-headed columnist that the Clinton Foundation has allegedly received donations from Arab regimes that also allegedly contributed to her election fund.

Obviously these monies were given in the hope that she would continue to undermine Israel’s defence policy and force a two-state solution favouring the Palestinians.

Trump will, I am sure, help to fight the resurgence of anti-Semitism encouraged by the so-called liberal left that for far too long has had a sense of entitlement over us.

With the Brexit result and the election of Trump as US president, their day is over. Your writer needs to be aware of this return to common sense and good order.

Martin Greenberg, Redbridge 

Your nasty editorial comments about President-elect Trump are beyond my Jewish belief. 

You should rejoice in Donald Trump’s triumph. I did not know that you are Democrats. You are the ganev[thief’s] supporters.

What about Netanyahu? He is a great believer in Trump.

Trump is our Moshiach!

Ed Levine, By email

Israel can live inside every Jew

I write on whether Jews in England or in the diaspora have a right to criticise the Israeli government.

Free speech is a hallmark of democratic countries and so Jews, like others, can say what they like about the actions of the Israeli, or any other country’s, government.

Jews have a unique affiliation with, and stake in, Israel. The modern state created in 1948 passed the Law of Return guaranteeing the right of Jews to live there, which is evidence of this.

As Jews we should all seek to speak and act to strengthen, not weaken Israel, and avoid providing ammunition for those who seek to deligitimise her.

Not every Jew wants to live in Israel, but Israel can live in every Jew.

Martin Saffer, North Finchley


The hunt for denise’s plumogranates is on!

Please could your kosher chef Denise Phillips tell me where she bought her plumogranates? I’ve tried all the local supermarkets – the large and small branches of Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and two independent greengrocers. When I ask for plumogranates, they all offered me  pomegranates! I have made recipes with plums and they were delicious, but I’d really like to try plumogranates.

Julia Symmonds, NW3

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