Reader’s letters 05/2: ‘How stupid does Ed Think we are? ’

Reader’s letters 05/2: ‘How stupid does Ed Think we are? ’

Wish you all well over the fast!
Wish you all well over the fast!

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Much to be done to counter jew-hatred

Dear Sir,

In an otherwise balanced news story about serious issues raised at the European Jewish Congress-sponsored ‘Let My People Live’ conference in Prague commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, I was saddened by the comments attributed to Lord Levy (‘Proposal for pan-European law to outlaw anti-Semitism’, www.jewish, 29 January).

Hundreds came to Prague to observe a bittersweet moment in the history of the Jewish people against the backdrop of a disturbing upsurge throughout Europe in anti-Semitic violence, political rhetoric and discourse.

Yet, Lord Levy’s quote in the article made it seem that all he took away from the gathering and serious discussions about the current challenges to European Jewry was to note the political leaders who attended and launch an ad hominem attack on me.

The numbers I spoke about at the conference were directly from the results of ADL’s Global 100 Survey of attitudes towards Jews in more than 100 countries which was released in May last year.

ADL has been conducting public opinion surveys on anti-Semitic attitudes for more than 50 years and for nearly all of that time I have committed my professional life to combatting anti-Semitism.

If Lord Levy doesn’t like our survey results, he is certainly capable of commissioning his own.

There is much work to be done to counteract the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and re-establish a strong sense of security and well-being among Jews in Europe.

Abraham H. Foxman

National Director Anti-Defamation League

How stupid does Ed Think we are? 

Dear Sir,

What planet does Ed Miliband inhabit?

During Operation Protective Edge, he called for the IDF to withdraw from Gaza because he thought the ground operation was ‘wrong and unjustifiable’.

He totally ignored the fact that this operation became necessary only because Hamas was firing rockets at civilian targets in Israel; he made no mention of the attack tunnels; he didn’t call on Hamas to cease its barrage; and he totally forgot to mention the ceasefire offers that Hamas had rejected.

He did concede, however, that Israel had a right to defend itself – very magnanimous of him.

But, in keeping with others who criticise the actions of the Israeli government, he disapproved of the methods employed while failing to suggest any possible alternative strategy, which might bring about the end to the conflict.

Talk about aw mooth an’ nae brains?

But it was an opportunity for him to parade his left-wing credentials to his financial supporters (ie, the unions). And of course he seized on the opportunity to reinforce these credentials with his motion to recognise the state of Palestine.

As a demonstration of his principles and integrity, he was quite happy to ignore the fact that the Palestinian leadership had once again broken agreements enshrined in the Oslo Accords; after all, what’s one more broken agreement? He was quite happy to recognise a ‘state’ that is governed by two groups, both of which aspire to the obliteration of Israel: read the Hamas Charter and look at the PA’s official map of the Middle East. And he totally failed to explain how and why this recognition of Palestine – which is likely to become government policy should Labour win the General Election – will advance the peace process in any way.

(Apparently he doesn’t need to explain this; it’s the principle that counts).

But to then claim that he is a friend of Israel and that we can trust him to protect Israel’s interests really takes the biscuit.

To expect us to believe that demonstrates how stupid he thinks we are; and although we may say and do foolish things at times – myself included – surely we’re not that stupid, are we?

Clive Hyman N3

BBC is now adding insult to injury

Dear Sir,

In the BBC’s ongoing propaganda campaign against Israel, two events have almost coincided to show the deep hatred the broadcaster has for Israel and Jews.

On the day French President François Hollande and his friends held a march to try to pretend most French people actually like Jews (and Muslims), a BBC propagandist called Tim Willcox repeated the well-worn lie that Israel has done something terrible to Palestinians (while conveniently suppressing the fact that 920,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes in the Arab world as part of the 1948 Arab aggression against Israel).

And then, to add insult to injury, the BBC decided that Respect Party MP George Galloway, who most right-thinking Jews would regard as the most loathsome person in Britain, would be a suitable personality to appear on this week’s BBC1 Question Time programme, which was held in Finchley and Golders Green – the constituency with a the highest Jewish population in the entire country.

David Marks N13

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