Rabbi ‘bemused’ by Twitter ban

Rabbi ‘bemused’ by Twitter ban

Rabbi Zvi Solomons of the Jewish Community of Berkshire suspended by social media site after exchange with antisemite

Joe Millis is a journalist

Rabbi Zvi Solomons
Rabbi Zvi Solomons

The rabbi of the Jewish Community of Berkshire found that he had been suspended by the social media site when he tried to log on after Shabbat went out.

Rabbi Solomons has been suspended in the past, because Twitter “doesn’t like certain words and it is very strict when it comes to enforcing a ban on them. I am also aware what words they don’t like”.

He told Jewish News: “I said something to a tweeter who was using antisemitic words. As a result, that person organised a ‘pile-on’ by their friends and someone must have reported me.

“I am bemused, that having steered away from using controversial language, why Twitter would want to suspend me and silence my voice.”

Rabbi Solomons does not know when the suspension will end. “Suspension means whatever Twitter wants it to mean. It is an autocracy,” he said.

He has now opened an alternative account – @rabbisolomons – and is asking for support to get Twitter to reinstate him.

“Anyone who can should tweet @twittersupport to get them to reverse their decision,” Rabbi Solomons said. He added that he was already thankful to those who had already done so, such as anti-Semite-fighting collective Gnasher Jew.

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