Putting the fun into fundamentalist terror… #AskHamas!

Putting the fun into fundamentalist terror… #AskHamas!

Jack Mendel is the Online Editor at the Jewish News.

By Jack Mendel

In an uncharacteristic gesture of transparency, Palestinian terrorist regime Hamas has taken time off from fanning the flames of hatred and violence to launch an #askhamas hashtag – promoting “five days of social media action” on Twitter.

According to the group’s media coordinator Taher al-Nounou: “The campaign is aimed at rejecting the labelling of the Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorists’, targeting western audience to clarify positions.” Here are the fruits of its rebranding exercise so far. Enjoy…

Before it even began, Twitter-users took the opportunity to probe Gaza’s ruling party. 

Hamas Q&A time..!

Hamas hospitality!

Hamas embarrassment scale..

Hamas brutality..

Hamas heatstroke problems..

Hamas balaclava problems

Hamas vitamin D deficiency problems..

Hamas’ selective rocketing

Hamas priorities..

Hamas irony

Hamas trading..

Hamas jokes..

A few more sincere questions..

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