PSC ‘considering further steps’ against patron Jenny Tonge over Pittsburgh post

PSC ‘considering further steps’ against patron Jenny Tonge over Pittsburgh post

Exclusive: Palestine group writes to peer expressing 'deep concerns' over her Facebook post blaming Israel for antisemitism after the deadly massacre

Baroness Jenny Tonge
Baroness Jenny Tonge

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign issued “deep concerns” about its patron Baroness Jenny Tonge, after she appeared to blame Israel for a resurgence in antisemitism in the wake of the deadly Pittsburgh massacre.

The anti-Israel peer was condemned after she claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government was responsible for a rise in Jew-hate, shortly after Robert Bowers allegedly killed 11 people at The Tree of Life Congregation in the US.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign told Jewish News it has “contacted Jenny Tonge to express our deep concerns at her post and is in the process of considering any further steps.”

Writing on Facebook on Saturday, Lady Tonge said: “Absolutely appalling and a criminal act, but does it ever occur to Bibi and the present Israeli government that it’s actions against Palestinians may be reigniting anti Semitism? I suppose someone will say that it is anti Semitic to say so?”

The former Liberal Democrat peer, who now sits as an independent, is known for her anti-Israel views, and has in the past been accused of antisemitism.

Baroness Jenny Tonge’s controversial Facebook post, which was accused of contravening the IHRA definition of antisemitism

Following her controversial post, Conservative Friends of Israel Parliamentary Chairman in the House of Lords, Rt. Hon. The Lord Pickles, and CFI Honorary President Lord Polak CBE have condemned her “callous inflammatory” response.

They said the post “is in clear violation of the IHRA definition of Antisemitism adopted by the UK Government. For a Member of the House of Lords to publish such hateful thoughts brings Parliament into disrepute.”


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