Pro-BDS student one of three UJS presidential candidates

Pro-BDS student one of three UJS presidential candidates

The top position will be contested by a supporter of Israeli Apartheid Week and boycotts of the Jewish state

A pro-Palestine activist who supports Israel Apartheid Week and BDS is running to be Union of Jewish Students president, alongside two other contenders.

Eran Cohen of York University is one of three candidates vying for the top student position, with some complaining he’s ‘unfit’ for the role due to his pro-Palestine views.

Alongside Cohen, are Joshua Holt of Nottingham University and Adam Schapira of University College London.

Criticism was directed at the UJS for allowing Cohen, who was raised in Israel, to run. Cohen was part of the University of York’s Palestinian Solidarity Society when it was criticised for holding a performance of  ‘Seven Jewish Children’ – a short play described as “anti-Semitic”.

Eran contacted the Jewish News, objecting to being labelled “anti-Israel.” Calling himself a British-Israeli student, he said “my desire to end the occupation stems from a love of Israel, Palestine and their peoples. 71% of British Jews oppose the occupation, so I’m by no means in a minority.”

The Union of Jewish Students

UJS are encouraging Jewish students to participate in the election, with the first hustings taking place at their annual summit on 26 November, after which point the candidates can start campaigning.

They said in a statement: “Our students have nominated three very different candidates for the UJS Presidency. We are excited about the levels of engagement in our representative cross-communal union this dynamic and contested election should generate.”

During the campaign, Jewish News will speak to all candidates for our dedicated student channel sponsored by the Union of Jewish Students.

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