Pro-Israel event scrapped after ‘orchestrated campaign by pressure groups’

Pro-Israel event scrapped after ‘orchestrated campaign by pressure groups’

An Israel solidarity event has been scrapped at the eleventh hour, following opposition by pressure groups. NWFOI-Event-Jan-2016-Final-214x300

‘Say No To Terror – Stand With Israel’ was scheduled to take place at the Sheridan Suite in Manchester on Sunday 31 January, but organisers North West Friends of Israel have now announced it has been dropped.

It said in a statement: “We regret to announce the postponement due to cancellation by the host venue.” It claimed that the venue had “fallen victim to an orchestrated campaign by specific pressure groups whose sole aim is to deligitimise Israel”.

It continued: “By caving in to this external pressure, the Sheridan Suite has succumbed to gross intimidation and allowed itself to become a target of anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”

NWFOI intends to reschedule the event to coincide with Mark Regev’s arrival as Israel’s new UK ambassador.

Paul Charney, Chairman Zionist Federation UK said the venue “cannot be allowed to get away with it” if it is confirmed they had caved by BDS pressure. “If this goes against a contract this must be pursued. If not we still need to sit down with them and make it clear it’s wrong.”

Manchester Palestine Action hosted a Facebook event called ‘Reject Israeli Apartheid in Manchester! Justice for Palestine‘, in which they call for a “non-violent demonstration” to oppose the planned rally, before its cancellation. 

The call to demonstrate was made by numerous groups including Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jewish Action for Palestine and Manchester Palestine Action.


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