Pro-Corbyn Jewish lawyer sorry over link to Twitter account

Pro-Corbyn Jewish lawyer sorry over link to Twitter account

Daniel Bennett of Doughty Street Chambers apologised over claims he'd sent tirades of abusive messages to two other Jewish barristers

A Jewish barrister who supports Jeremy Corbyn has apologised to two other Jewish barristers for any offence caused by tirades against them from an anonymous Twitter account he used.

Daniel Bennett of Doughty Street Chambers was referring to the @arrytuttle account which was deleted on Wednesday morning after being linked to him by investigators behind another anonymous account, @TwelveScouts.

Bennett went to school with commercial barrister David Wolfson QC and shares a workplace with human rights barrister Adam Wagner. Both have been the subject of offensive tweets from the @arrytuttle account. Bennett said he was one of several people to use the account and last did so “years” ago.

Opening a Twitter account under his own name on Wednesday morning, Bennett said he had spoken to Wolfson and messaged Wagner, adding: “I wish to apologise unreservedly for any offence caused to them by the account @arrytuttle. I do not support or endorse any attacks on them.”

The @arrytuttle account user described themselves as “the wrong kind of Jew, apparently” and wrote of the Jew-hatred in the Labour Party: “This war is largely against leftist Jews. It’s not about antisemitism.”

In a statement to Jewish News, Doughty Street said: “We are aware of discussion threads on social media relating to two of our barristers, Daniel Bennett and Adam Wagner.”

Everyone at Doughty Street Chambers is accountable to our recently updated robust Code of Conduct, and we are committed to using this and all our detailed procedures to uphold our collegiate ethos. Our aspiration is always to resolve issues informally wherever possible.”

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