Poundland selling globe with ‘Palestine’ instead of Israel

Poundland selling globe with ‘Palestine’ instead of Israel

4 globe
The Israel-less globe

An alert Jewish News reader this week found that a globe sold at Poundland shops had “Palestine” where “Israel” should be on the map, writes Joseph Millis.

The incredulous reader, who declined to be identified, bought the £1 globe – intended for use by school children at home – at the budget chain’s Kilburn High Street branch.

The reader said that the globe was distributed by a company called H&O in Birmingham, West Midlands.

The Poundland website describes the mini globe as “a unique desk accessory! Great novel stationery product perfect for any student”.

It is also available at Poundland’s Irish branch, Dealz, for €1.49.

A Poundland spokesperson told Jewish News: “The globe features a key on the underside which includes a number of countries including Israel. However, we are investigating the product further with our supplier to determine if improvements could be made. We would like to thank the customer for bringing this issue to our attention.”

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