Police investigating swastika daubed on UCL campus

Police investigating swastika daubed on UCL campus

UCL flying the rainbow flag after Swastikas were placed on campus for LGBT history month.

Police are investigating after a swastika was discovered daubed on a banner at the entrance to University College London on Tuesday.

The university union said the use of the Nazi emblem, which was scrawled on a LGBT History Month banner, constituted a “hate crime”.

It added: “The symbol is indelibly tainted by its use by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust, an atrocity resulting in the murder of many millions of people, among them tens of thousands of LGBT+ people. Its use as graffiti constitutes a hate crime.

“We refuse to be intimidated. We will be continuing to promote LGBT+ History Month widely across campus and celebrating the presence of LGBTQ+ students, staff and visitors at UCL.”

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