Police investigating ‘alleged anti-Semitic’ remarks from Netanyahu demo

Police investigating ‘alleged anti-Semitic’ remarks from Netanyahu demo

Netanyahu demonstration Police are investigating an alleged anti-Semitic incident filmed during a protest against Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the UK.

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator was alleged to have said she supported the killing of Jews.

Filmed during Wednesday 9 September’s protest against the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu, a pro-Palestinian protester was confronted by a member of the Israel Advocacy Movement.

The pro-Israel activist asked ‘what should happen to the Israelis when Israel stops existing, to which the pro-Palestinian woman responded “I don’t care, they can f*** off for all I care.” “Go into the sea. They aren’t coming here.”

She added,  people would “march against Zionists coming here as refugees. I want them out of Israel.” A passer by says “you’ll have to kill them all”, to which the activist says “So be it.”

A police statement said they “were alerted on Thursday, 17 September, to an alleged anti-Semitic video published online, believed to have been recorded on 9 September in Westminster. Officers from Westminster are investigating.

Enquiries are ongoing. There has been no arrest.”



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