IN PICTURES: Shuva Gala dinner

IN PICTURES: Shuva Gala dinner

The London Marriott Grosvenor Square became a Jewish melting pot on Sunday 18 January as American, Danish and Israeli guests mixed with English Jews from as far afield as Manchester.

Over 350 people turned out for the British Friends of Shuvu Gala Dinner, during when they received a first-hand account of the situation in Ukraine from the Chief Rabbi of Kiev.

Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu received the Shuvu Leadership Award and, by way of thanks for his contribution, a wing at the Shuvu School in Nazareth Iliit was dedicated in his honour. Dayan Yonason Abraham, who was also honoured for his support, urged the assembled to take responsibility for ensuring that Shuvu’s schools could expand and “thereby change the face of Israel”.

Year 7 Shuvu Bat Yam student Timoti Sannikov, a ‘Voice of Russia’ contestant, rounded off the evening by singing Hebrew and Yiddish songs.

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